Sunday, 18 June 2017

Physical Education 1.5- Interpersonal Skills

In this unit students used a variety of different interpersonal skills in a range of activities. Completion of these activities required effective functioning as a group. The interpersonal skills students could use:

  1. effective communication
  2. cooperation
  3. giving and receiving feedback, and feed-forward
  4. supporting and encouraging others
  5. inclusiveness
  6. problem solving
  7. negotiation
  8. Conflict resolution

In a practical environment students chose to demonstrate specific interpersonal skills depending on the demands of the activity. Different activities required different interpersonal skills which enable student to demonstrate a wide range of them. As a teacher I recorded what interpersonal skills were demonstrated by students. Students were assessed on how well they demonstrated specific interpersonal skills and how effective they were to the functioning of the group. 

In the classroom, students reflected on how they demonstrated certain interpersonal skills. They had to explain how they demonstrated the interpersonal skill and how it had a positive/negative impact on the functioning of their group. Examples of these reflections can be viewed by clicking on the side bar blogs.