Monday, 27 July 2015

Update Term 3 Week 1

Last week in L1 HASSA we looked at the broad term 'sexuality'. Students came to sense of the following key terms and how they differ from one another:- sexual orientation, sexual identity and sexual behaviour. Check out some of their work below:


  1. Tena koutou, Talofa lava and Malo e lei lei Level 1 HASSA. E tino pai ana tenei mahi. This is really interesting work. The content is easier to understand with your use of images to support the words. Do you think that using Google apps on your Chromebooks has helped you learn?

    1. I actually liked the supporting images as it it engaged me differently; I looked at them first THEN read the words.
      How did I not know about Drag Kings or Play Ups?! I learnt something new